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The Day After...

Nov 7, 2018
Jose Luis Magana / AP

It's the day after one of the most contentious midterm elections in recent memory. On The Full Story Ron talks about how Connecticut and New York voted and how their choices will reshape politics in each state. Today's guests include:

Election Day Ballot Initiatives

Nov 6, 2018
Courtesy of the State of Connecticut

It’s Election Day! We’re heading to the polls to choose our representatives in government. In Connecticut there are also two proposed amendments to the state constitution that many people haven’t heard about. Learn about a lockbox for money dedicated to fixing the transportation infrastructure…and why state-owned land may need more protection. On today's show:

Election Preview: Connecticut And New York

Nov 5, 2018
Alexander F. Yuan / AP

Voters in Connecticut and New York are poised to transform politics in their states. On today's show Ron goes deep into tomorrow's midterm elections with guests:

  • Connecticut gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Ned Lamont, and Oz Griebel, running unaffiliated; along with clips from Republican Bob Stefanowski
  • Larry Levy, executive dean at Hofstra University, and Joe Shaw, executive editor of the Press News Group
  • Reporters Ebong Udoma and Karen Dewitt, who are following races in each state for WSHU, and Ken Dixon from Connecticut Hearst Media