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Should prisons be abolished? If they are, what would replace them? On the next Full Story, we conclude our two-part series on transforming criminal justice in our region by examining how people are incarcerated. Movements for racial and social equity are challenging conventional concepts of the prison system. And their efforts are having an impact.

Transforming the prison system, a conversation with guests:


Did the calls by the Black Lives Matter movement to transform the criminal justice systems get heard?

This week we begin a two-part series that takes a closer look at our justice systems, the impact race has on those systems, and what’s being done to transform them?

Transforming justice, a conversation with guests:

What’s Next For Black Lives Matter

Feb 16, 2021
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Just seven months ago, people filled the streets of cities throughout the US and the world calling for racial justice. Now it’s a new year, and we’ve gone through an election, an insurrection and an inauguration of a new President and an historic Vice President. How does this national transformation impact the work Black Lives Matter groups are pushing for in Connecticut and Long Island?

A conversation with guests:

Preserving African American History

Feb 4, 2021

How do you preserve African American history? Connecticut author Jill Snyder started with her own family. Her book: "Dear Mary, Dear Luther" is a rare collection of 1930's love letters written by her parents. While researching the book, Snyder discovered a unique story of a Black family's journey through American history.

On Long Island, the Town of Huntington is working to save the Crippen House, a significant relic of African American history.

A conversation with guests:

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The moratoriums on rent and mortgages In Connecticut and New York set to end in December have been extended into the New Year. Does that help homeowners and renters and landlords, or does it just delay the impending evictions? What are lawmakers doing to keep people in their homes? And last year, local food banks struggled to meet the growing demand for their services. What are they doing this year to keep people fed? Housing and food security.

A conversation with guests: