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Connecticut Fights Opioids

Jan 20, 2020
Ted S. Warren / AP

The estimated number of fatal drug deaths this year will be well over 1,000 in Connecticut. State health officials say a resident is more likely to die of an unintentional drug overdose than a car accident. What is Connecticut doing to stem the crisis, and what impact is it having on communities in the state? Our guests:

Tipped Workers; Happiness

Jan 16, 2020
Ted S. Warren / AP

Restaurants have typically been allowed to pay servers less than minimum wage. We’ll take a closer look at the rule changes in Connecticut and New York that will give some tipped workers the state minimums…and we’ll look at a popular college course that teaches the happier side of life. Our guests:

Educating Incarcerated Youth

Jan 15, 2020
Arnulfo Franco / AP

According to a 1997 court decision, Connecticut must ensure that juveniles in state detention get a good education. But 23 years later, that’s still a challenge. We’ll discuss why there are few quality educational programs offered in the criminal justice system, with guests:

Shinnecock Indians And Property Rights

Jan 14, 2020
Shinnecock Indian Nation / Facebook

The Shinnecock Indian Nation wants the town of Southampton to cease the development of property in an area the tribe has identified as sacred burial grounds. The trouble is: there is much confusion and few rules when it comes to the discovery of Native American remains. Our guests:

Gestational Surrogacy

Jan 13, 2020
Ariel Panowicz / AP

In vitro fertilization and fertility preservation services are now more accessible in New York. But not gestational surrogacy…New York is one of only three states where it’s still not legal. New Yorkers look toward Connecticut’s surrogacy-friendly policies for inspiration. The measures could help older adults and LGBT couples make a family. Our guests: