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Sabrina Garone

Connecticut and Long Island are on the front lines of climate change. 

Our region has already endured significant weather events like Tropical Storm Isaias and the remnants of Hurricane Ida. The impact has been brutal. So what’s the plan to deal with the effects of climate change? And how do we preserve the health of our coastline?

This week on The Full Story, we’ll explore these issues through WSHU’s new podcast, Higher Ground.

Kica Matos

The murder rate around the nation spiked in 2020. New FBI data shows there were nearly 5,000 more homicides than the year before.

Connecticut and Long Island both saw the number of shootings grow over the last year in our region. This week on The Full Story, we examine the local crime rate. And then, we take a closer look at one neighborhood in Fair Haven, Connecticut, where the residents are interrupting violence by taking to the streets.

Join us for a conversation about the rising shooting rates and violence interruption.

Bill Oxford / Unsplash

Under the new marijuana laws in Connecticut and New York, people with certain cannabis convictions will have their records automatically expunged. And that could dramatically transform their lives. A criminal record can make it hard to get a job, find housing, and even get an education. This week on The Full Story, we’ll take a closer look at the expungement provision in the laws and the impact they will have on communities targeted by the war on drugs.

Tom Kuser

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our nation. We remember the day by speaking with first responders and reflecting on how historic events echo through time. We begin with first responders, and Connecticut’s dissimilar Emergency Medical Systems. Next, we visit a 9/11 memorial at a Fire Station in Milford. Then we speak with a historian about how time shapes our memories of key historic events. Remembering 9/11, 20 years later.  

MChe Lee / Unsplash

The month of August is winding down. That means the back-to-school season is revving up. But this is no ordinary school year. 

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is spreading fast in our region and presenting new challenges and questions. And getting good information is challenging, with so much misinformation circulating everywhere.

This week WSHU held a Join The Conversation event to explore what we learned from 2020 and what we need to know now as classes begin. This week on The Full Story, we will bring you the highlights from Education During COVID-19: What We Know.  Join us.