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Mandating The HPV Vaccine

Jan 23, 2020
John Amis / AP

Bills working their way through the Connecticut and New York state legislatures would mandate that children entering 9th grade and 7th grade, respectively, get an HPV vaccination. We’ll discuss why some parents and school districts object, with guests:

Economic Outlook: Connecticut

Jan 22, 2020
Sage Ross / Flickr

Connecticut has been slow to recover from the recession…slower than most of the country. Despite many challenges, the Lamont administration is taking an optimistic economic stance. A columnist says it’ll take more than just hometown spirit to bounce back. Our guests:

Courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory

The federal government has chosen Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island as the site for a new particle accelerator that will allow scientists to see inside an atom’s core. Meanwhile, Connecticut’s chief manufacturing czar lays out his goals for bolstering industry in the state. Our guests:

Connecticut Fights Opioids

Jan 20, 2020
Ted S. Warren / AP

The estimated number of fatal drug deaths this year will be well over 1,000 in Connecticut. State health officials say a resident is more likely to die of an unintentional drug overdose than a car accident. What is Connecticut doing to stem the crisis, and what impact is it having on communities in the state? Our guests:

Tipped Workers; Happiness

Jan 16, 2020
Ted S. Warren / AP

Restaurants have typically been allowed to pay servers less than minimum wage. We’ll take a closer look at the rule changes in Connecticut and New York that will give some tipped workers the state minimums…and we’ll look at a popular college course that teaches the happier side of life. Our guests: