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Regulating Vaping

8 hours ago
Richard Vogel / AP

A mysterious lung illness related to vaping has killed more than 20 people and sickened more than 1,000 across the country. And many of the victims are young. The vape industry blames black market marijuana products. The Centers for Disease Control reports that most of the sick have used THC vape products, but  has not yet identified a cause for the illness. Should states ban vaping products or is that government overreach? Our guests:

Maria Lindsey from Pexels

Fall weekends in our region are made for apple or pumpkin picking. But some growers say the season is changing. There’s also buzz about bees and the honey they produce. Beekeepers say they are more than just livestock — without them agriculture is in trouble. Our guests:

Jessica Hill / AP

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s disapproval rating is lower than Dannel Molloy’s was in his first term. That’s the finding of a recent Sacred Heart University/Hartford Courant poll. More residents, particularly young people and Republicans, say their quality of life has declined in the state. On national issues, the poll shows mixed reviews of key issues leading into the 2020 presidential primary and general elections. Our guests:

Competing For Offshore Wind Contracts

Oct 10, 2019
Michael Dwyer / AP

New York and Connecticut are looking to upgrade their port infrastructure to make way for offshore wind projects. New York is reaching out to coastal municipalities and developers about the construction and management of wind turbines. In Connecticut, the redevelopment of the State Pier in New London is moving forward in anticipation of offshore wind. Our guests:

Ending AIDS In New York

Oct 9, 2019
Lee Jin-man / AP

AIDS was predicted to kill millions in the U.S. To date, more than 650,000 Americans have died from the virus. Now New York says it’s on track to end the epidemic in the state by 2020. We’ll discuss the decline in new infections, the rise of HIV prophylaxis and the roles of needle exchange programs and public education campaigns, with guests: