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Proposals to regionalize school districts in Connecticut have been met with fierce opposition. Now, new and more moderate proposals to share resources have been introduced. But will residents and lawmakers approve? Today's guests:

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Legalizing recreational marijuana may be out of New York’s budget proposal and some say it’s Long Island’s fault. In Connecticut, sports betting, new casinos and tolls move ahead in the legislature. We’ll talk about these and other top stories this week on The Full Story. Our Guests:

  • Karen DeWitt - WSHU’s Albany Capitol Correspondent
  • Michael Gormley - Newsday Albany Reporter
  • Ebong Udoma - WSHU’s Senior Political Reporter
  • Ken Dixon - Hearst CT Media State Capitol Reporter and Columnist
  • Keith Phaneuf - CT Mirror Economic Reporter

The College Debt Crisis

Mar 21, 2019
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In the United States, over 1.5 trillion dollars is owed in student debt. In Connecticut, students carry a debt load of $17 billion overall. On Long Island, the average student owes about $35,000. It’s burning a hole in their pockets, and it’s a never ending problem. What are experts saying we can do to fix this? Our Guests:

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The Connecticut Supreme Court decided Sandy Hook families could move forward with their lawsuit against Remington. This could mean the gun manufacturer will have to reveal its advertising strategy and open it up to more lawsuits. The families hope it will help stop gun violence.  What is the impact of the Connecticut Supreme Court decision? Today’s guests:

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The College Admissions scandal hit schools in our region. Now institutions are working to transform how they select new students. We will take a look at what’s going on with the college admissions process in Connecticut and Long Island. Our guests: