Food Insecurity

Thousands of turtles on Long Island are making their trek to hibernation. Fewer Long Islanders are struggling with food insecurity, efforts towards climate resilience in Connecticut, and protecting New York’s pollinators.

Food Pantry
Davis Dunavin / WSHU

Food assistance programs on Long Island say fewer residents are struggling with food insecurity. This comes as people return to work and receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

A community garden in New Haven
Photo courtesy Gather New Haven

Folly Delgado coordinates a garden outside of Clinton Avenue School in Fair Haven, Connecticut.

The pandemic has changed the relationship of how cityfolk like Delgado use their public spaces. Working from home has allowed some people more time to spend outside to explore their surroundings. These community gardens give outdoorsy people an outlet to help feed families who are out of work and food insecure.

New London, Connecticut, residents lining up at food distribution center.
Brian Scott-Smith / WSHU Public Radio

A new food distribution service has been unveiled in the city of New London, Connecticut.

Image by arniafratria from Pixabay

The number of people living with hunger on Long Island has skyrocketed since the economic shutdowns began last year due to the coronavirus.