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Nassau County announced a committee to increase the number of non-white police officers. Right now, about 87% of the department is white — far less diverse than the community they are sworn to protect.

Nassau County Police
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Advocates want New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to reject Nassau County’s submission for state-mandated police reform after the Attorney General’s office criticized the plan. Cuomo’s office has so far withheld comment.

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After adding last-minute changes pushed for by community advocates, Suffolk County lawmakers approved a state-mandated police reform plan. The changes, which were debated into the night, include more funding for tiered mental health response, a permanent task force to reevaluate police in schools, and more public data about traffic and pedestrian stops.

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The Nassau County Legislature approved a state-mandated police reform plan that equips officers with body cameras, diverts some 911 calls to mental health experts and collects and publishes data on a wide range of issues.

Police Body Camera
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After much resistance, Suffolk County publicly released its policy on how it uses body cameras. The long-sought policy raises several concerns for civil rights advocates, experts, and lawmakers. The release comes three weeks after police officers were seen on a body camera kicking a handcuffed suspect.