C19: Help Wanted

May 20, 2021
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Connecticut restaurants are understaffed, a new incentive for New Yorkers to get the vaccine, National Grid wants in on offshore wind, and controversy in Smithtown over race and diversity curriculum in schools.

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President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal seeks to help reach the administration's ambitious clean energy goals for the U.S. over the next decade.

Part of that means funding upgrades to the country's electric transmission system — the poles and wires that everyone relies on to access power nearby or from hundreds of miles away. As New England experts explain, these upgrades are essential to reach clean energy goals in the region.

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Low-income households in Connecticut spend 68% of their annual income on energy, housing and transportation costs. That’s more than the average consumer statewide, according to a report released by the Connecticut Green Bank.

Solar Farm
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Connecticut leaders in renewable energy have released an industry report that evaluates the slowed growth of clean energy jobs in the state. The report examined how the industry might recover from COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown on the industry.

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New York environmentalists, union workers and lawmakers want answers from federal officials about their delays in approving offshore wind sites.