Electric cars

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A patchwork of states have joined in an effort to modernize transportation along the East Coast and reduce gas emissions that contribute to climate change. This Transportation and Climate Initiative would also bring more electric vehicles (EVs) to New England roads and changes to the region’s power grid.

Electric vehicle enthusiasts look at a Tesla Model X in the parking lot of the Westport Metro-North station. Westport has more electric vehicles per capita than any other city or town in Connecticut.
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Electric cars could be sold directly in Connecticut under a bill proposed in the state general assembly as part of the latest push from lawmakers and electric car makers.

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New York will spend more than $700 million on new initiatives to reduce vehicle emissions by 2050, including building public charging stations for electric vehicles.  

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Connecticut plans to provide incentives for low-income residents to afford electric vehicles, as part of its goal to have a zero-emission vehicle future.

David Zalubowski / AP

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says it wants 500,000 electric vehicles on state roadways by 2030.