Some parties could lose the ability to appear on future ballots in New York.
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Several minor political parties in New York are in jeopardy of losing their spot on future election ballots in the state. Recent changes to the state’s election laws require that a party garner either 130,000 votes or 2 percent of the total votes cast, whichever is higher, to remain on the ballot. 

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State lawmakers on eastern Long Island have introduced a bill that would require every town in Suffolk County to have an early voting site ahead of Election Day — right now, Shelter Island voters need a boat to cast a ballot.

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Candidates in Connecticut can use campaign funds to cover childcare. That’s after a Superior Court judge sided with a former candidate.

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Densely populated communities in Central Suffolk County will have extra early voting sites that will be open 10 days before Election Day. That was done without extra funding from the cash-strapped state of New York.

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Connecticut will hold its primary election on Tuesday. The deadline to register in-person to vote is noon Monday.

It’s the first time that every eligible voter has had the opportunity to vote via absentee ballot without an excuse, because of the pandemic. Though, some voters will still vote in-person. The results are not expected to be in on Primary night, as it will take much longer to count absentee ballots.

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