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New Haven Public Schools has detailed plans to reduce a nearly $30 million budget deficit in the next fiscal year.

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The state’s education commissioner, MaryEllen Elia, says she’s not pleased with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to spend just half of the amount of new money on public schools that education experts in New York recommend. Elia spoke Wednesday at a joint legislative budget hearing at the state Capitol.

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A controversial proposal to regionalize Connecticut public schools got some traction in Hartford Monday, with some lawmakers proposing that smaller school districts merge with neighboring larger ones to save money.

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The New York State legislature approved a measure known as the Dream Act that would offer college aid for children of undocumented immigrants. But they stopped short of acting on a measure to offer driver’s licenses to immigrants in New York without documentation.

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The New York State legislature approved a measure that ends a mandate that teacher evaluations be based on the results of their students’ standardized tests. It’s another step to end a 10-year-old bitter fight between teachers and their unions and politicians, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, over implementation of the controversial Common Core learning standards.