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Education advocates say Long Island schools are in need of more teachers of color.

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Connecticut legislators are expected to debate the two-year $43 billion budget deal Governor Ned Lamont reached with Democratic leaders last week. This comes in the final days before the legislative session ends Wednesday.

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The 32 fourth graders in Mirtha Sebelen’s class on Long Island see a lot of red and blue. Sebelen color codes everything she writes on her whiteboard. She uses the red marker for Spanish, blue for English. Studies show this dual language model is what New York schools should use to teach English learners. But most don’t.

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Connecticut grapples with disparity in public education. Now, hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio has pledged $100 million to help close the gap. That is, as long as the state and others match the funds. A foundation run by Dalio’s wife has shaped public education in the state for nearly two decades.

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The cap on charter schools in New York is unlikely to be raised this year, due to changing political dynamics in the Democratic- led New York State legislature, and opposition from the teachers union.