Early Voting

Jacqlyn Rena / WSHU Public Radio

Voters in Connecticut and New York have been up at the crack of dawn to vote in today's election.

Polling Place
Richard Drew / AP

The Suffolk County Board of Elections has received around a dozen calls from voters concerned about seniors and people with disabilities who want to cast their ballot ahead of Election Day. They say it's difficult for voters to endure hours-long wait times and long lines that may linger after close of polls. 

Polling Place
Richard Drew / AP

Long Islanders turned out in the tens of thousands this weekend to vote early. It was the first time New Yorkers have had the opportunity to cast early ballots for a president since the state adopted early voting last year.

Alexander F. Yuan / AP

Early voting begins in New York on Saturday, October 24, and continues through Sunday November 1, two days before Election Day.

John Froschauer / AP

State lawmakers on eastern Long Island have introduced a bill that would require every town in Suffolk County to have an early voting site ahead of Election Day — right now, Shelter Island voters need a boat to cast a ballot.