Donald Trump

Mary Altaffer / AP

Two bills that challenge President Donald Trump and his policies are advancing in the New York State Assembly.

Tim Roske / AP

Two bills approved in the State Senate Wednesday could affect President Donald Trump and his associates. One would permit the state tax department to give the president’s New York tax returns to congressional committees. The other would ensure that anyone the president pardons for federal crimes could still be prosecuted for crimes committed in New York State.  

Andrew Harnik / AP

Senators across the New England coast are criticizing the Trump administration for its reversal of federal protections to regulate the oil and gas industry.

Susan Walsh / AP

A bill that would create a backdoor method to release President Donald Trump’s taxes is moving through the State Senate and could be voted on as early as next week.

J. Scott Applewhite / AP

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut says Congress may have to subpoena an unredacted version of the Mueller report that the Department of Justice released Thursday.