Donald Trump

Eric Gay / AP

Immigrants’ rights advocates rallied in Hartford, Connecticut, on Monday in opposition to President Trump’s plan for a nationwide sweep of undocumented residents.

Charles Dharapak / AP

U.S. Representative Jim Himes from Connecticut has called for the impeachment of President Trump. He says the investigation is worth it, even if it doesn’t end in Trump’s removal from office.

Cedar Attanasio / AP

New York, Connecticut and 18 other states filed briefs this week in support of a lawsuit challenging President Trump’s diversion of federal funds to construct a southern border wall.

Hans Pennink / AP

The New York State legislature took final action on measures that could be used against President Trump and his associates, including a backdoor way for Congress to view the President’s tax returns.

Mary Altaffer / AP

Two bills that challenge President Donald Trump and his policies are advancing in the New York State Assembly.