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Suffolk County police will be allowed to use new genetic tests to investigate the Gilgo Beach killings. The DNA analysis could help identify victims or even the suspected killer.

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Connecticut has joined New York and a number of other states in investigating two companies that offer at-home do-it-yourself rape kits to sexual assault survivors.

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U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, D-NY, says people who have used home DNA kits to trace their ancestry probably don’t realize that they might be sharing their most personal information to third parties.

Schumer says the companies that administer the kits such Ancestry.com and My Heritage don’t clearly disclose in their privacy agreements that they can sell the DNA info to a third party.

He says the terms of service suggest that the companies can sell the info for commercial purposes, and he wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and regulate the industry.

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The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that prison officials can use reasonable force to obtain DNA samples from inmates.