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A Connecticut Supreme Court case around women-only areas in gyms could have big implications on how the state sees sex and gender discrimination.

Black hair crown act
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Connecticut is now the eighth state to have a law that prohibits discrimination against anyone because of the way they choose to wear their hair. Governor Ned Lamont signed the CROWN Act into law at a ceremony in Hartford on Wednesday.

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Civil Rights advocates in Washington D.C. are speaking out against a lawsuit filed last week. The suit claims Yale discriminates against white and Asian applicants in its admissions policy.


Subjective tests, private study groups, and favored treatment are a few of the systematic ways Black cops struggled to get hired and get promoted in the Suffolk County Police Department.

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The New York State Senate passed an 11-bill package on Feb. 8 that targets bias in housing and real estate in reaction to investigations into systemic racial discrimination on Long Island.