Darren Korb

Super Giant Games

It seems the developers at Super Giant Games never run out of ideas! As soon as they finished up their game Pyre three years ago, they immediately began work on Hades, which follows the hero Zagreus as he attempts to escape the Greek Underworld to be reunited with his mother, Persephone. Soundtrack composer Darren Korb says he assembled a collection of traditional instruments, including a Greek bouzouki, but since the game takes place in Hell, it had to have full-on metal guitars!

Supergiant Games

The only way to escape from the Downside, where you begin your journey in Pyre, is through a series of battles against other bands of exiles known as The Rites.

Pyre is the most ambitious game yet from Supergiant Games. Its three-year development gave composer and Audio Director Darren Korb plenty of time to create a unique identity for the music. As he told me, his overall concept was to give the soundtrack the feel of a band of troubadours accompanying you on your journey.

Supergiant Games

Darren KorbĀ is the composer and sound designer for Supergiant Games. Pyre is their most ambition project yet, and as we'll hear, Darren channeled his love of classic rock for the soundtrack.