criminal justice

Charles Lane/WSHU Public Radio

More than a third of all criminal defendants on Long Island are Black men but the people prosecuting their cases are overwhelmingly white. 

Lamont Taps 11 Police Watchdogs For State Council

Jan 15, 2021
Police Body Camera
Ross D. Franklin / AP

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has announced new members of a state board that now has the power to revoke police credentials, in addition to training and overseeing officers.

Ex-Gov Denied Early Release From Probation

Nov 6, 2020
John Rowland
AP Photo/Jessica Hill

A federal court has rejected former Connecticut Governor John Rowland’s plea for an early release from probation. It is the second time Rowland has served probation. His first supervised released came after he resigned from his role as governor and plead guilty to federal corruption charges. 

Covid-19 Vaccine
Ted S. Warren / AP

When voters in New York were asked two years ago what issues were at the top of their list while they prepared to head to the polls in November, they said health care, taxes, and the economy would decide their vote.

DOJ Announces Settlement with Conn. OxyContin Maker

Oct 21, 2020
Jessica Hill / AP

For the first time, Purdue Pharma in Stamford, Connecticut have pleaded guilty to their role in stoking the opioid crisis. Now, States Attorneys worry the company’s $8 billion dollar settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice could mean less money for communities hit hard by the addiction epidemic.