Suspect In Yale Shooting Held On $20 Million Bond

May 24, 2021
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An MIT researcher charged with killing a Yale grad student is being held on a $20 million bond following a court hearing in New Haven.

Tom Gannam / AP

Nassau County prosecutors said a former North Shore University Hospital nurse allegedly stole more than 1,400 vials of fentanyl from the Manhasset facility last year.

Scott Davidson

A man accused of killing a Yale student in New Haven has been arrested in Alabama.

Erika Wittlieb from Pexels

The New York State Senate held a hearing this week on a measure that would seal conviction records for up to 2 million New Yorkers who have committed serious crimes and served time in prison for them. Senators heard from New Yorkers who were formerly imprisoned or on probation who said they face barriers to housing and employment because of their convictions, which has led to a form of “perpetual punishment.”

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A disbarred attorney will spend about four years in prison after he pleaded guilty to stealing close to $1 million owed to an ex-NYPD police officer to cover his 9/11 related medical expenses.