COVID-19 Vaccine

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Connecticut Republican lawmakers are rallying public support against Governor Ned Lamont’s goal to fund clean transportation infrastructure. Embroiled in a few scandals, Governor Andrew Cuomo said he’s waiting for the right time to tell his side of the story. U.S. representatives from Connecticut are now spending thousands on their security, and more and more states are passing laws to expand benefits to LGBT veterans.

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Connecticut has a new incentive for residents to get the booze. Connecticut removes religious exemptions to school vaccinations, a new law to protect cyclists in Suffolk County, and a decision was expected this month, but LIPA will continue to explore their options when it comes to cutting ties with PSEG Long Island.

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No more appointments necessary at state-run vaccination sites in New York, Governor Ned Lamont backs Mike Bloomberg’s push to meet President Joe Biden’s climate goals, developers pour money into offshore wind research on Long Island, and Connecticut cities join a nationwide movement to lock-up guns.

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a Feb. 22, 2021, press briefing.
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New Yorkers who are fully vaccinated will no longer have to wear masks outdoors, and Governor Andrew Cuomo said state-run vaccination sites will no longer require advance appointments.

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Connecticut has launched an incentive called #CTDrinksOnUs to encourage more residents to get COVID-19 vaccine shots.