Connecticut jobs

Alex Brandon / AP

The Kennedy Center in Trumbull, Connecticut has reached a deal with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to deliver personal protective equipment (PPE) to federal laboratories across the country.

The Kennedy Center is a nonprofit organization that "empowers people with disabilities to reach their full potential," according to the group's website.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut went along for the ride to drop off PPE at the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Lab in Milford.

Alex Freeman from Pixabay

Connecticut has won a $2 million federal grant to support an apprenticeship program in the manufacturing industry for 300 young people from the southwestern part of the state.

Stephan Savoia / AP

Conn. Gov. Dannel Malloy's popularity rating has hit a new low, with a majority of registered voters disapproving of how the Democrat has managed the state's economy, jobs, budget and taxes.

Connecticut and New York will lag behind western states in job growth in 2014. That’s according to a report by the Pew Center for Charitable Trusts published today. Connecticut does fare the best overall of the New England states, however.

The Connecticut Labor Department says the state’s unemployment rate in August remained unchanged from July at 8.1 percent. The report shows a loss of 6,000 jobs, but the Labor Department says that's because of a miscalculation last month in their seasonal adjustment of the labor numbers.  Long Island’s private sector lost 600 jobs in August compared to July. But the New York Department of Labor says that’s an improvement in the long-term. Over the prior 10 Augusts, the losses averaged 3,000.