Climate Change

Bmajoros / Wikimedia Commons

A new study by the Audubon Society shows two-thirds of bird species in North America are at risk of extinction because of climate change.   

Jessica Hill / AP

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed an executive order he says will double down on the state’s plan to address climate change.

Steven Senne / AP

Municipalities in Connecticut are now able to establish funds to help combat the coastal impact of climate change, under a new state law.

Mike Groll / Office of N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday signed into law a bill that could greatly reduce greenhouse gases in New York. He was joined by former Vice President Al Gore, a long-time activist against climate change.

Karen DeWitt / New York State Public Radio

Senators and assemblymembers are pushing for action to combat climate change before the legislative session ends later this month. But Governor Andrew Cuomo says the plan is too ambitious and unrealistic.