Climate Change

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The U.S. has a wave of hydro, solar wind energy projects in the works. To harness renewable energy, developers will need better battery storage. But the parts needed are expensive and hard to find. The author of a study at Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island might have found a cheaper alternative that’s also safe for the environment.


Last week we talked about how prepared we are for hurricane season. This week we’re speaking with scientists dedicated to understanding the nature of storms and the role climate change plays in creating extreme weather events.

Also, the legislative sessions in Connecticut and New York are over. Or are they? We check in with reporters to find out which bills were approved, rejected and what happens next.

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The city of New Haven said it will build a mile-long flood wall near Long Wharf.

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Connecticut towns and cities will get $30 million for climate change resiliency projects. Governor Cuomo declares a new state emergency in New York, helping former prison inmates in Connecticut, and a local veteran’s fight for VA benefits.

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A student group that lobbies for climate action is disappointed in New York lawmakers for failing to pass certain environmental bills during the past legislative session. Students for Climate Action was started in Sayville, Long Island, in 2017. The group has since launched student chapters across the rest of New York, Massachusetts and Texas.