Christopher Columbus

A statue of Christopher Columbus in Norwalk, Connecticut, came down, with no announcement and little fanfare in the dead of night, ahead of a planned protest.

The statue stood in the city’s Thomas C. O’Connor Park. Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling says the local Columbus Memorial Fund asked the city to relocate the statue because they were worried about vandalism.

Former New Haven Christopher Columbus Statue
2112guy / Wikimedia Commons

A statue of Christopher Columbus has come down in New Haven’s Wooster Square. Other Connecticut cities and towns are in the process of removing theirs.

Protesters on both sides watched the Wooster Square Columbus statue come down. It was a tense scene that briefly turned physical. Some older Italian-Americans protested the removal. But younger New Haven residents like Nicolas Phillips approved.

Former New Haven Christopher Columbus Statue
2112guy / Wikimedia Commons

A clash on Wednesday in New Haven between Italian-American protesters, largely from out-of-town, and people supporting an effort to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus from a city park greeted the crew tasked with taking it down.

Local officials removed the statue because of the Italian explorer's legacy that includes atrocities committed against Native Americans. 

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker supported the decision.

Bebeto Matthews / AP

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he does not think a statute of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in New York City’s Columbus Circle should be removed. The governor was asked about it at his daily press briefing Thursday. 

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It seems that we can never have enough living space. Even back in 1492 when the planet was, by modern standards, virtually uninhabited, every king, princeling and adventurer was engaged in a passionate search for new territory. Columbus, of course, won the jackpot – although he never knew it. Seven million square miles of real estate, not even counting South America, and entirely empty, except for the people who happened to be living here.