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Efforts to vaccinate more seniors in Connecticut’s urban communities, a new form of coronavirus is found in Connecticut, and New York farmers want priority for COVID-19 vaccines.

The Shinnecock Indian Nation accuses New York state of harassment, bipartisan support for a funding proposal in Connecticut, and who is to blame for problems with New York’s vaccine rollout?

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The FBI has arrested a Long Island man on charges of illegally storming the U.S. Capitol.

C19: Price Gouging During Crisis

Jan 28, 2021
Personal Protective Equipment
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A Long Island man is charged in the U.S. capitol insurrection, the impact of Connecticut’s new “zoning atlas”, and more people than we thought died in New York nursing homes.

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Democratic New York lawmakers say this will finally be the year the state makes changes to the parole system. Elected officials will focus on two bills that would speed parole hearings and eligibility for older incarcerated people.