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Suffolk County Police
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The Suffolk County Police Department, the 13th largest police department in the U.S., released a 1,000-page reform plan that fell short of the basic hope advocates had: fewer police interactions with the community. The report that was published on the County Legislature's website contained jumbled text. It has since been corrected.

Suffolk County police
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Suffolk County lawmakers have set public hearing dates on state-mandated police reform. The problem is, as of right now, there’s no plan.


Two Suffolk County police officers were suspended without pay Tuesday night after body camera footage captured them kicking a handcuffed suspect multiple times.


Subjective tests, private study groups, and favored treatment are a few of the systematic ways Black cops struggled to get hired and get promoted in the Suffolk County Police Department.

C19: Allaying The Fear

Feb 26, 2021
Don Pollard / Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Democrats have a new study on taxes to wave in the Governor’s face. Also, debating where to put all the trash on Long Island, and why four of America’s greatest authors moved to the same small town.