Charles Lane

Former Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota
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Former Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota and his top aide, Chris McPartland, were each sentenced to five years in prison for their parts in covering up crimes by Suffolk’s former police chief, James Burke.

Law enforcement stops a driver.
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A federal judge has rejected Suffolk County’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit against its police department involving allegedly discriminatory traffic stops. This is the latest decision in a class action lawsuit first filed in 2015 that alleges Suffolk police knowingly policed Latinos unfairly, stopping them more frequently than white drivers.

Law enforcement stops a driver.
Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Nassau County lawmakers approved legislation on Monday that gives sweeping ability to sue those who harass police and other first responders. The proposal ignited a firestorm of controversy from a coalition of historically discriminated-against groups who say the police profession is not the same as race, gender, age, sexual orientation or ability.

Suffolk County police
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Suffolk County has what it calls the "most diverse detective level promotion class" in its history. Meanwhile, the police department is dealing with a scandal and lawsuit over the racial gap in its leadership.

People take part in a rally against hate and confront the rising violence against Asian Americans at Columbus Park in the Chinatown section of Manhattan borough of New York, on Sunday, March 21, 2021.
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Kyrin Taylor arrived at work one day in May to find a rope with a noose tied at the end hanging on the wall next to his tools. Shaken, he recorded a video of it.

“I was just shocked. I didn’t know what to really do.”