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Alcohol to-go is no longer allowed at New York restaurants. Governor Lamont gets pushback from criminal justice reform advocates. Governor Cuomo’s been quiet post-legislative session, and addressing concerns over the COVID vaccine.

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Connecticut’s newest strategy to solve income inequality. The state has a new budget, New York finishes its legislative sessions tonight, and Connecticut will allow college athletes to make money.

C19: Tick Check!

Jun 9, 2021
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Officials are concerned over the rising levels of Lyme’s disease across the country. The latest on pot in Connecticut, New York approves several new criminal justice measures, and barred traffic searches are still happening in Suffolk.

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A Hofstra study shows U.S. business executives are concerned about hiring a skilled workforce. Connecticut should have a new budget by tonight, what legalizing pot in the state could mean for racial and social equality, and the heated New York State Senate hearing over state supreme court nominees.

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Connecticut drops plans to join the Transportation Climate Initiative. More on Connecticut’s next budget, a lawsuit over age discrimination in the state, and legislation in New York to help survivors of sexual assault.