C19: How Are Conn. Residents Doing? Fine.

Apr 14, 2021
Courtesy Peggychocair / pixabay.com

A new poll found the mental health of Connecticut residents has been declining, but they’re happy with quality of life in the state. New York’s plan to vaccinate all college students in the state isn’t going as planned. Shootings are on the rise in Connecticut’s biggest cities, and a new bill to give veterans more access to health care has the support of lawmakers in our region.

C19: J&J Vaccine Paused

Apr 13, 2021
Torstensimon / Pixabay

Connecticut and New York join the list of states pausing the distribution of the Johnson and John COVID-19 vaccine. A Connecticut University is now requiring a COVID-19 vaccine in attend class, the announcement of a new hotline to cover COVID-related funerals, and advocates for criminal justice reform in New York are optimistic about the future.

C19: Fighting Chronic Absenteeism

Apr 12, 2021
Coyot / Pixabay

Connecticut will spend millions to fight chronic absenteeism. Public universities in New York will receive vaccines for students, Suffolk County police cleared of wrongdoing after controversy last summer, and Long Island has to decide if they’ll allow the sale of recreational marijuana.

C 19: Steps Towards Gun Law Reform

Apr 9, 2021
Bitter Betty 77 / Flickr

President Joe Biden unveiled a set of executive actions  yesterday related to curbing gun violence. Connecticut explores options in helping migrant children at the border, Governor Lamont encourages residents to get outside this summer, and Connecticut’s road to economic recovery looks different throughout the state.

Courtesy Neshom / pixabay.com

The Connecticut Restaurant Association said it’s safe to be open at full capacity. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks out on allegations of priority COVID-19 tests for his family, the Suffolk County Police Department is being accused of racial discrimination, and Congressman Lee Zeldin is running for governor.