C19: Rock the Shot

Jun 25, 2021
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Connecticut’s newest vaccine incentive — free concert tickets. Over a million New Yorkers are behind on rent, advancing clean water goals on Long Island, and changing gender on a state ID is about to get easier.

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The Hamptons could start generating money to fund more affordable housing in eastern Long Island by 2023. Expanding voting rights to former prisoners in Connecticut, the latest on a lawsuit over lead exposure in New Haven, and searching for answers on New York COVID deaths.

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New York could soon have among the nation’s lowest levels of lead allowed in school drinking water. Is Long Island prepared for hurricane season? Controversy surrounding a New Haven principal, and the first Connecticut town to opt-out of pot.

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Brookhaven is the latest town to join a project protecting Long Island’s south shore. Some Long Islanders could lose pandemic relief, an investigation into a Bridgeport police officer, and new jobs coming to Connecticut. 

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A plan for Metro-North’s New Haven line would cut 25 minutes off the trip to Grand Central Station. An effort to end child poverty in Connecticut, a long awaited criminal justice reform measure passed in New York, and pot is nearly legal in Connecticut, so now what?