Brookhaven Landfill

Georgette Grier-Key, Brookhaven NAACP chapter president, rallies for environmental justice.

NAACP advocates rallied outside of Brookhaven Town Hall on Wednesday to pressure town officials to include the nearby community in discussions about what to do with Long Island’s garbage.

Courtesy of Pasi Mäenpää from Pixabay

Community members on Long Island will be allowed to sue the town of Brookhaven for the foul odors of a landfill that they said have made them sick.

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The New York State NAACP has condemned a plan to haul garbage out of Long Island at a proposed waste transfer station in Yaphank. The push follows months of action by local NAACP chapters and environmental groups to keep the region's trash out of communities of color. Together, they will consider legal action against the town of Brookhaven and the developer.

Pasi Mäenpää from Pixabay

The Town of Brookhaven on Long Island has abandoned its plan to expand the region’s landfill. It is expected to reach capacity and close in 2024.

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A proposed bill in New York plans to help Long Island with its ongoing solid waste management crisis. The region is still working on a plan on where to put its garbage once the Brookhaven Landfill is expected to close in 2024.