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Residents who live and work near the landfill in Brookhaven have complained to New York State about a strong smell of rotten eggs. 

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Brookhaven Town has launched a public surveillance program at parks and senior centers.

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The Town of Brookhaven has the largest single-stream recycling program on Long Island. But it is under threat because the plant that processes the materials will shut down next week.

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A Long Island town shut down its website after a pro-ISIS group claimed to have hacked into it.

The group known as Team System Dz posted on Facebook that it hacked into Brookhaven’s website on Sunday.

Town officials have yet to confirm whether or not the website was attacked, but the site is still offline.

The pro-ISIS group has hacked into other government sites, including the website of Ohio Governor John Kasich.

The group continues to brag about their hacks on Facebook as they spread messages against American governments.

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New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says there is $21 million in new funds to help land banks purchase vacant and abandoned properties, sometimes known as "zombie homes."