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A Bridgeport police officer has been suspended for 20 days for an incident caught on video in which he struck a 17-year-old in the head with his gun.

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A Connecticut climate advocacy group believes a law it helped pass this summer will help strengthen the labor movement and address climate change. This comes as advocates struggle to get the state to join the Transportation and Climate Initiative, which could fund more green energy projects.

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A Bridgeport zoning official has resigned three months following his arrest for child exploitation charges.

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A Bridgeport gang member pleaded guilty last week to attempted murder charges for the shooting of four rival gang members early last year.

In this Thursday, Sept. 27, 2001, file photo, then-U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft meets with reporters at FBI headquarters in Washington, where he released photographs of the 19 suspected hijackers.
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Many Muslims feared they would be targeted by authorities following the 9/11 attacks, and it happened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. A Jordanian man named Eyad Mastafa Al-Rababah was living there when he recognized pictures of the alleged hijackers in the news. He went to the local FBI office.