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There's a statue of Christopher Columbus in Bridgeport, Connecticut. And, many of the city’s residents are from Puerto Rico, an island associated with Columbus’s violent crimes. But unlike many other places in Connecticut, the state’s largest city has no plans to do away with Columbus.

Bridgeport City Councilman Jorge Cruz represents a district that includes the city’s Seaside Park — where a statue of Christopher Columbus stands on a pedestal, gazing out at the waters of Long Island Sound.

Cruz says he tries to avoid it.

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Connecticut officials urge state residents to visit local attractions this 4th of July holiday weekend.

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A group of Connecticut colleges has announced a plan to keep the University of Bridgeport viable by locating some of their academic programs on the school's 86-acre campus near Long Island Sound.

Amid a spike in gun violence, Connecticut State Police say they will begin patrolling the city streets of Bridgeport.

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Dozens of protesters are camped outside police headquarters in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They’re calling for the department to be abolished.