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Connecticut’s largest literary festival begins Tuesday — remotely, due to COVID-19. It’s called Storyfest — and it’s a collaboration between Westport Public Library and Westport Public Schools.

A Garden Of Books

May 8, 2020
Courtesy of The Book Barn

I don’t say this lightly – The Book Barn might top my list of all-time favorite establishments.

For one thing, I love books. Just about every available wall of my house is taken up by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. And most of those books probably came from The Book Barn.

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Summer reading is one of those traditional pleasures, like family fun, that exists largely in the realm of fantasy. About a quarter of all American adults claim not to have read even a single book in the past year. But that leaves 75 percent who have read at least one, even if it was only The Art of the Deal.

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American novelist Philip Roth has died. He was 85. Roth’s work is known for its unflinching look at the human character. His style was deeply autobiographical. Many of his works were set in his hometown, Newark, N.J., and his characters often struggled with the complexities of integrating into mainstream American life.

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This Saturday evening the East Hampton Library on Long Island will hold its annual fundraising event. It’s called Authors Night and it’s organized by Alec Baldwin.