Bill Buchner

The deadline to register for certain benefits from the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund is tomorrow. Will we be going back to wearing masks again? Connecticut’s attorney general is still in the fight against Purdue Pharma, and the new vaccine mandate for government workers in New York.

A COVID relief grant that will help local performing arts venues, getting rental assistance should be easier now in New York, are there diversity issues within the Suffolk County Police department, and could health insurance costs be going up soon in Connecticut?

People's United Bank in Worcester, Massachusetts
Andre Carrotflower / Wikimedia Commons

New York-based M&T Bank is back-tracking on plans to lay off more than 700 People’s Bank employees in Connecticut.

A small frog with a big voice is making a comeback in New England. Are politics at play in the investigation into Governor Cuomo? The clock is ticking to distribute rent relief in New York, and an idea that could make renewable energy safer.


Suffolk County has settled lawsuits against six pharmaceutical companies. Things are looking gross in the Great South Bay, alcohol sales in Connecticut skyrocketed during the pandemic, and some uncertainty over changing COVID rules in the New York State Senate.