Bill Buchner

Governor Lamont says he’ll give Connecticut state workers a few days to comply with a vaccination mandate. Updates could be coming soon to I-95, the New York Civil Liberties Union sues Nassau County Police, and making life for military spouses a bit easier.

Long Island residents have concerns over congestion pricing to commute into Manhattan. Combating military suicides with mental health care, a federal baby bond program looks a lot like Connecticut’s program and Governor Hochul’s potential challengers.

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Officials want to extend the Empire State Trail through Long Island. Connecticut state employees get an extension for their vaccines, the MTA’s stalled COVID-19 recovery, and mortgage relief could be on its way to Connecticut residents soon.

Connecticut lawmakers could take up the Transportation and Climate Initiative. Expanding hurricane relief in New York, how one Yale student’s time in prison inspired prize winning poetry, and Connecticut needs to cut back on trash.

Connecticut commuters might soon experience less traffic on the Merritt Parkway. New York prepares for a healthcare worker shortage, some Connecticut bus drivers protest vaccine mandates, and how do these mandates hold up in court?