Bail Reform

Hans Pennink / AP

A proposal in the State Senate to roll back part of the state’s recently enacted bail reforms produced an angry backlash from supporters of the law, which took effect January 1 and ended most forms of cash bail for nonviolent crimes in New York.

Courtesy of Repeal Bail Reform / Facebook

The fight over recently enacted bail reform heated up at the Capitol Tuesday, with dueling events by police and activists that at times centered on charges of racism surrounding a Facebook page that calls for the law to be repealed.

Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Republican state lawmakers will be holding roundtable forums around the state to discuss the fallout from the state’s newly enacted criminal justice reforms which on January 1 ended most forms of cash bail for nonviolent crimes.

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A new survey of New York voters shows that most people say a new law that eliminates cash bail for certain misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies is bad for the state.

Jay Shah / WSHU

Long Island government and law enforcement officials announced a new coalition that will recommend changes to a new, controversial bail reform law in New York.