Austin Wintory

505 Games

At the upcoming Music and Gaming Fest, January 4-7, the Videri String Quartet will team up with award-winning composer Austin Wintory and visual artist Angela Bermudez to create a unique event. As the quartet plays Austin's music, Angela will paint whatever it inspires in her. As Rosie Samter, the Videri's violist explains, they've NEVER done anything like this before!

Giant Squid

One of the most anticipated games this year is the underwater  experience, Abzu, from Giant Squid, a small studio that includes Matt Nava, one of the creators of the influential game, Journey. Award-winning composer Austin  Wintory  whose credits include Assassins's Creed Syndicate and Journey, is also on board to provide a beautiful soundtrack that compliments Abzu.  It's been a multi-year adventure, but the wait is finally over! Abzu released on August 2nd to rave reviews.

This morning we'll enjoy Frank Bridge's orchestral suite, "The Sea," and music from the underwater adventure game, "Abzu" from Austin Wintory.  

That Game Company

In February, Fifth House Ensemble wrapped up their incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign to create a concert version of Austin Wintory's music for Journey, accompanying live players on stage. Now, with several concerts under their belts and an upcoming performance in Brooklyn in July, I checked in with Melissa and Eric Snoza of Fifth House to find out how the performances have gone so far.

The Videri String Quartet is a group of young Boston-based, conservatory-trained musicians who use their powers to perform imaginative arrangements of music for games. I talked with the members of the quartet, violinists Lizzie Jones and Michael Hustedde; violist and founder, Rosalie Samter; and cellist Jeremiah Barcus.