Austin Wintory

Giant Squid

The Pathless is the latest game created by Giant Squid studios.  A mysterious island is plagued with darkness emanating from cursed beings, and it's up to a fearless Hunter and her Eagle companion to rid the island of these beasts. Austin Wintory created a pan-cultural soundtrack with diverse instruments including a traditional Swedish nyckelharpa, a Middle Eastern Oud, flutes and whistles, but he says the soul of the music comes from a six-hour jam session he had with the Alash Ensemble from Tuva.

SIE and Flavourworks Studio

Austin Wintory loves a challenge! But he had no idea the level of granular music adaptations he'd have to write to keep his music as seamless as the action in the new full-motion video game Erica.

When composer Chad Seiter got an invitation to create a live concert of music from video games, he immediately thought how awesome it would be to shine the spotlight on music from independent games. The Game Theory Concert will be presented on October 5th at the Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

Symphony International

A lifelong love of science is the spark that galvanized composer Austin Wintory to mount an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to bring his October 5th concert "A Light in the Void" to a worldwide audience. Austin teams up with Emmy-nominated filmmaker Tony Lund to create a unique concert experience that features a massive orchestra and three internationally renowned scientists. Austin told me he wanted to share the same wonder and emotion of science that it gives him.

Every game composer I've talked with has so much respect for the musicians who bring their music to life on the soundtracks.