Steven Snodgrass / Wikimedia Commons

Mystic Aquarium is among the Connecticut attractions reopening this week. The aquarium has been closed since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

skeeze from Pixabay

A state investigation in January uncovered severe neglect of chickens, cows and dogs at a family farm in Suffield, Connecticut. Now the state wants to take custody of the nearly 200 farm animals, and nurse them back to health. 

Steven Snodgrass / Wikimedia Commons

The public has until midnight Monday to weigh in on whether Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut should be permitted to import five beluga whales from an amusement park in Canada.

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An animal rights group staged a protest at a small dairy farm in Riverhead, Long Island, on Sunday.

CSU Stainslau / Pacific Southwest Region U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Shrews have an unusual way of surviving the winter: they temporarily shrink. Now scientists, including one from Stony Brook University, have turned their attention to that strategy. They think it could be useful for humans, too.