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A report finds New York Governor Andrew Cuomo broke state and federal laws when he sexually harassed multiple women. A bank merger that could result in hundreds of layoffs in Connecticut, New Haven’s focus on violence prevention, and Nassau County’s new law to protect police.

The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill is expected to advance through the U.S. Senate this week. Should Connecticut residents prepare for another mask mandate? Governor Cuomo says mask wearing is not a big deal, and a new study on the health impacts of one Trump-era policy.

Teachers unions in Connecticut want a mask mandate for students. 90,000 Connecticut families might not be able to pay their rent, a bi-partisan effort on Long Island to help migrant students, and learning about history -- though a video game.

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Connecticut’s newest amphitheater created hundreds of new jobs. A lawsuit in the state over the governor’s emergency powers is struck down, new research on the pandemic’s impact on kids, and do we have a constitutional right to clean air and water?

The deadline to register for certain benefits from the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund is tomorrow. Will we be going back to wearing masks again? Connecticut’s attorney general is still in the fight against Purdue Pharma, and the new vaccine mandate for government workers in New York.