After All Things

About 200 Connecticut residents and green card holders are still in Afghanistan. Kathy Hochul is sworn in as Governor of New York. The Connecticut ACLU sues two Waterbury cops, and some new rules regarding police body cams in Suffolk.

governorandrewcuomo /

Governor Cuomo’s final hours in the executive mansion, New London bears the brunt of Henri, an error with medicaid payments in New York, and not owning a car in Connecticut can be pretty tough.

Tropical Storm Henri is expected to strengthen into a hurricane before it hits our region. In New York, a special session will wait until after there’s a new governor. New orders to protect marine life could shake up the fishing industry in our region, and Arlington National Cemetery is running out of space.

Connecticut will provide student loan subsidies for educators who commit to serve in the school districts with the greatest need, Connecticut has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, a Long Island community pushes back against a proposed rental code, and Afghan citizens in Connecticut worry for those back home.

Connecticut students will be required to wear masks for the first month of school. Offshore wind versus the fishing industry, a special election in Greenwich, and Connecticut’s aging infrastructure could use some help.