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Changing the zoning rules in Connecticut was a heated issue for lawmakers this year. The proposed bills ignited a fierce debate over the development of more affordable housing in the state. Now the legislative session is over. Some bills didn’t make the cut. Others were approved, but not before heavy amendments. So will these new laws actually create more affordable housing units in the state?

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Hamptons could start generating money to fund more affordable housing in eastern Long Island by 2023. The pandemic has intensified the need for year-round housing.

affordable housing
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A new report shows certain Connecticut towns have very low rates of affordable housing, as low as 1%, compared to the state average of about 12%.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Connecticut House of Representatives has approved a controversial bill aimed at combating housing discrimination. The bill proposed was by the advocacy group Desegregate Connecticut.

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Zoning! You can’t talk about affordable housing in Connecticut without it. Zoning laws set the rules for new housing development in the state. Some residents want to keep local control over zoning. 

But affordable housing advocates support legislation that would make it easier to develop more diverse housing for medium and low-income residents. Zoning! It’s undergoing a transformation in Connecticut.

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