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Montauk Point Lighthouse
Kathy Kmonicek

WSHU’s new podcast about climate change, Higher Ground, explores how Long Island and other coastal communities find ways to adapt to rising sea level and extreme weather, especially in Montauk and other places that are considering moving away from the coast. Host J.D. Allen spoke with a specialist in international relations who sees this “managed retreat” as a global solution.

A Long Island environmental fund is getting a long overdue audit. Connecticut lacks affordable housing outside of its cities, fighting West Nile virus on Long Island, and finding ways to adapt to climate change.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Affordable housing has become more available in Connecticut’s cities — but not as much in small towns, according to a report on nearly two decades of housing data in the state.

It can take over nine years to get a housing voucher in Brookhaven on Long Island. The final stages of the impeachment inquiry into Governor Cuomo, certain Connecticut cities will get priority for licenses to sell pot, and the downside of the state’s booming housing market.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

As housing advocates call on Congress to take action after the federal eviction moratorium expired July 31, a new report suggests a lack of funding has created a backlog in low-income families and people in poverty receiving federal housing assistance. On Long Island, some people seeking housing vouchers to live in Brookhaven wait for assistance for over nine years — among the longest reported wait times in the country.