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Sound Bites: Supreme Court rejects challenge to CT law on religious vaccine exemptions

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Good morning —  The Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to a Connecticut law that removed religious exemptions from immunization requirements for schools, colleges and daycare facilities. The decision came after a wave of post-pandemic exemption requests. Current K-12 students granted a religious exemption are allowed to remain in school.

Here’s a bite-sized look at what else we’re hearing: 

Settlement reached in Bay Shore sex abuse case. The Bay Shore school district has settled a lawsuit filed by a former student — one of 45 who say they were sexually abused by their third-grade teacher, Thomas Bernagozzi, in the 1980s. The lawsuit alleges the district was negligent in protecting students despite the allegations.

A dolphin found in Nassau marina was euthanized. Two gray dolphins, believed to be a mom and calf, were found stranded near Inwood Marina. Environmental officials decided to euthanize the mother after determining she was severely dehydrated and malnourished.

Plane crash-lands on Fire Island. A small plane registered to a Nassau County flight school made an emergency landing on a Fire Island beach after engine trouble. The two passengers did not suffer injuries.

Regional water authority to bid on Aquarion. The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority will bid for the purchase of Aquarion Water Company. Officials say it would enable the authority to improve efficiency of operations, focus on customer service, and lower costs.

Electric Boat employees struggle to find housing. Recent hires to Electric Boat say it’s been difficult to find housing nearby at a reasonable price. The submarine builder employs about 23,000 people across Connecticut and Long Island, and is projected to peak at 25,000 within the next few years. Groton officials say they meet with developers every week to discuss an affordable housing plan.

Suspended East Lyme police chief faces more charges. Michael Finkelstein was initially charged with disorderly conduct and second-degree breach of peace after an alleged domestic violence incident. He’s now accused of violating a protective order and making false statements since his arrest earlier this month.

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Andrea Quiles is a fellow at WSHU.