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Sound Bites: Norwalk Hospital is being sued over alleged sexual assault

Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut.
Wikimedia Commons
Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut.

Good morning. Hurricane Lee is causing severe flooding and shutting down roads. Follow WSHU as we track the storm

A tornado touched down in Killingly, Connecticut, as well as in several Rhode Island and Massachusetts towns, as a result of Hurricane Lee. A team of meteorologists is determining whether the tornado had a continuous path or separate touchdowns. 

Hurricane Lee should stay east of Connecticut and Long Island as it heads for northern Massachusetts and Maine. 

Here’s a bite-sized look at what we’re hearing:

Governor Ned Lamont is calling the Connecticut General Assembly into a special session on Tuesday. He wants lawmakers to consider the nomination of Nora Dannehy as an associate justice of the state Supreme Court. A vote on Dannehy’s nomination is expected soon after the session begins. Lamont said he plans to call a second special session later this month for lawmakers to consider changing the state’s presidential primary date.

A former Connecticut employee is charged for having a relationship with a child under agency supervision. Eliezer Rojas, who was employed by the Department of Children and Families, turned himself in after being reported for having a two-month relationship with a 15-year-old female. The teenager reported communicating with Rojas through several inappropriate text messages. State Commissioner Vannessa Dorantes contacted law enforcement and relieved Rojas of his duty. Rojas will be held on a $15,000 bond.

A Montauk fisherman faces charges for taking too many fish from the sea. Chris Winkler, 63, faces a federal trial in Central Islip, New York for exceeding the limit of summer flounder, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in illicit deals with popular seafood spot Gosman’s. Brian and Asa Gosman, charged initially with Winkler, are testifying against him. Winkler said he will see out this trial as that is all he can do.

A Fairfield woman is suing Norwalk hospital over alleged sexual assault. An unidentified woman said she was sexually assaulted by Rodney Daniels of Stamford while she was heavily sedated in the emergency department without hospital personnel. Daniels is charged with first-degree sexual assault and is being held with a $500,00 bond.

Special signs and markings are up along several highways on Long Island. The reflective signs and pavement markings have been placed in more than 700 locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Those include more than 3,600 new “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs to keep drivers safe. Long Island had a deadly month of August with more than 20 deaths from car crashes.

Connecticut man petitions for former President Donald Trump’s trial to be televised. Jonathan Perloe created a petition on Change.org calling for transparency citing his concern about the ability of Trump and his allies to spin the case for publicity in the next presidential election. Perloe said his hope is for viewers to come to their own judgment and recognize the former president’s serious damage to democracy.

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Andrea Quiles is a fellow at WSHU.
A native Long Islander, J.D. is WSHU's managing editor. He also hosts the climate podcast Higher Ground. J.D. reports for public radio stations across the Northeast, is a journalism educator and proud SPJ member.