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Sound Bites: Hammerhead worms come to Connecticut

A Hammerhead worm.
Dinesh Valke
Wikimedia Commons
A Hammerhead worm.

Happy Friday. Invasive hammerhead worms have come to Connecticut. The worms are toxic and can be dangerous to humans and pets, according to the CDC. They use a toxin called tetrodotoxin that immobilizes their prey, which can affect the signals between nerves and muscles in humans. 

The worms are found in warm, damp places. Despite the worms being invasive, they are actually helpful, because they eat the jumping worms that are harmful to the state’s soil.

Here’s a bite-sized look at what else we are hearing:

One person is dead after a boat crashed into a Fire Island home. Two men and two dogs were aboard the boat, which was found overturned on Thursday morning. The crash happened around 7:30 in the morning, according to Suffolk County Police. The second man was found injured, and the dogs were reportedly unharmed.

A West Hartford police officer shot and killed a carjacking suspect while trapped in the stolen car. Police say they used multiple methods in an attempt to stop two suspects from stealing a car, but were unsuccessful. One suspect was arrested and the other was shot while driving a second stolen vehicle with an officer and police dog in the car. The officer has not been publicly identified.

U.S. Representative Jahana Hayes (D-CT-05) is running for her fourth term. Hayes, who won the national Teacher of the Year award, was first elected in 2018. Connecticut’s 5th District is the most competitive in the state — she won in 2022 by less than 2,000 votes.

The suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer had engaged in “distributing” online activity in the months before his arrest. That’s according to Suffolk Police Commissioner Rodney K. Harrison, who spoke to Newsday about the case. Suspected killer Rex A. Heuermann has pleaded not guilty in all charges related to the case.

A Westport man has been arrested in connection with the January 6th Capitol insurrection. Benjamin Cohen, 21, was charged with civil disorder as well as assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers, which are both felonies. At least nine Connecticut residents have been charged in connection with the insurrection.

A cyberattack is affecting three Connecticut hospitals. Prospect Medical Holdings and the Eastern Connecticut Health Network are facing a system shortage due to a ransomware attackat California-based parent company Prospect. Manchester Memorial Hospital, Rockville General Hospital and Waterbury Hospital are all affected.

Twelve Connecticut firefighters and four New York firefighters are headed to Montana. The members of the interstate fire crew left earlier this week from Bradley Airport to fight wildfires in the area.

UConn basketball star Paige Bueckers is cleared to play this season. The point guard posted to Instagram that she was “ready for takeoff” on Wednesday. Bueckers tore her ACL more than a year ago, missing the entire 2022-23 season. The Huskies start their 2023-24 campaign in November.

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Molly is a reporter covering Fairfield County. She also produces Long Story Short, a podcast exploring public policy issues across Connecticut.