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NPR's exciting new show featuring puzzles, word games and trivia played in front of a live audience. Ask Me Another is a co-production of NPR and WNYC. 

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Sean Hayes: HypocondriActor

May 14, 2021

Eleven years after Will & Grace's first finale, Sean Hayes reprised his outrageous character Jack McFarland in the series' reboot — but it wasn't easy to jump right back into the role.

"When we did the table read of the first episode of the reboot I was like, 'oh boy.' Your body feels it. I forgot how much work this is. So it was hard to get the energy and find the energy. But slowly it comes back.""

Other 90s

May 14, 2021

Real Estate bandmates Martin Courtney and Alex Bleeker compete in a 90s themed music parody game about things from the 1890s, 1790s, 1690s... you get it.

Heard on Sean Hayes & Ed Helms: Podcast No. 9.

A Brand By Any Other Name

May 14, 2021

From the indie rock band Real Estate, bandmates Alex Bleeker and Martin Courntney put their time on the road to good use in a game about brands with different regional names around the United States.

Heard on Sean Hayes & Ed Helms: Podcast No. 9.

Sierra Teller Ornelas: Rutherford Falls

Apr 30, 2021

Writer and producer Sierra Teller Ornelas learned some of the skills she needed to succeed in Hollywood in an unlikely place: growing up working "in the booth" at Native American art markets.

"Just being at art markets and being able to sell, and trying to quickly distill the story of your nation, your family, this piece that you're selling and explaining the importance of it, it really did help in terms of pitching," she told NPR's Ask Me Another host Ophira Eisenberg.

Good Tries

Apr 30, 2021

Product marketing is a group effort, with teams of people coming up with innovative ideas and often tons of marketing dollars behind them. Actor Mary Holland and director Maureen Bharoocha (Golden Arm) guess if the failed products described are real or fake.

Heard on Maria Bamford & Richard Kind: Yogurt Is Gold, Baby.