Utility Ruling Makes Connecticut Rates More Clear, But Won't Change Them

Dec 3, 2020

Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority has made changes to how electricity providers in the state charge for the ‘delivery’ portion of resident’s electric bills.

Marissa Gillett, the Chairman of PURA, said the ruling however won’t change the supply charge for actual electricity used by residents, as Connecticut’s deregulated electricity sector doesn’t empower PURA to change that.

“They’re actually going up to a lesser degree than they have in previous winter months," Gillett said. "We’ve done as much as we can there within the confines of our current jurisdiction and it’s unaffected by today’s ruling.”

The ruling comes after customers in Connecticut saw huge increases in their electricity bills earlier this year, which Eversource and United Illuminating said was due to COVID-19 and unexpected higher electricity use.

The ruling also requires both companies to redesign their customer bills to make charges more transparent and easier to understand.