UTC Subsidiaries To Add Jobs In Connecticut Despite Merger, Lamont Says

Jun 12, 2019

Governor Ned Lamont says United Technologies will continue to expand and hire new workers in Connecticut despite its merger with Raytheon. The company plans to move its headquarters to Boston.  

Lamont said the assurance came in conversations he’s had with UTC CEO Greg Hayes since the company announced its merger with Raytheon on Sunday.

“The good news is Connecticut continues to be a leader in advanced manufacturing…jet engines, helicopters, submarines. And that UTC, now Raytheon Technologies, is going to double up in terms of their commitment to the State of Connecticut, in terms of manufacturing.”

Lamont said Hayes told him 1,000 new Connecticut jobs will be added at jet engine manufacturer Pratt and Whitney in the next few years. Elevator maker Otis plans to continue expansion and headquarters in Connecticut after it’s spun off following the merger.

Lamont says he’s not sure that would be the case with the Carrier division, based in Florida.