UPDATE: Hartford Archdiocese OKs Parishioners To Get Vaccine Following Former Objection

Mar 9, 2021

The Archdiocese of Hartford said parishioners can in “good conscience” receive any COVID-19 vaccine available.

That’s after a committee of U.S. bishops objected last week to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on “moral grounds” because of its connection to abortion. The national bishops did not prohibit the one-dose vaccine, if it is the only choice.

The cells used to develop the vaccine were derived from fetuses aborted decades ago.

The Diocese of Rockville Center on Long Island earlier this week warned congregants to avoid the Johnson & Johnson vaccine if they had a choice.

The Vatican's doctrinal office in December said it was "morally acceptable" for Catholics to receive any coronavirus vaccine, even if it was developed using cell lines from aborted fetuses.