Tweed New Haven Airport Announces Expansions

May 6, 2021

Tweed New Haven Airport has announced plans to extend its runway, build a new terminal and add a major new commercial airline service.

Jorge Roberts is CEO at Avports, the company that operates the airport. He said they will invest $100 million over the next 40 years to make Tweed a regional transportation hub.

“As part of this investment we aim to build a carbon neutral terminal, develop the airport in an environmentally sustainable way and invest in the community through noise mitigation and traffic improvement measures," Roberts said.

Tweed airport strides the border between New Haven and East Haven. Local residents have opposed its expansion for decades.

They say they are concerned about noise.

Andrew Levy heads California-based Avelo Airlines — the country’s newest commercial airline. He said Avelo plans to invest $60 million in the project and base three of its newest Boeing 737-700 jets at the airport.

“This would be our second base. Can’t wait to get started. It will be sometime in the later part of the third quarter,” Levy said.