Turnout Heavy In Connecticut And Long Island

Nov 3, 2020

Voter turnout is reportedly heavy in Connecticut and Long Island. While lines have eased out at many polling stations, there were long lines this morning when the polls opened.

In Connecticut, there are reports of machines not being able to scan ballots without jamming. In Fairfield, the registrar of voters says it’s because he is using pre-folded absentee ballots, and they are jamming the machine.

The registrar of voters in Wallingford says ballots that can’t be read are being placed in a secure ballot bag. This is NOT a dufflebag.

In New York, several polling places did not open on time this morning because of either lack of equipment or ballots.

In several cases on Long Island and in Connecticut, voters showed up at what they thought was their polling place only to find the doors locked.

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