Trump Hits Pause On Mass Deportations, Connecticut Immigrant Rights Groups Remain Wary

Jun 25, 2019

Immigrants’ rights advocates rallied in Hartford, Connecticut, on Monday in opposition to President Trump’s plan for a nationwide sweep of undocumented residents.

Trump said on Twitter he wants to delay the plan, though he said he may move forward with deportations in two weeks.

“You know, people’s lives are at stake. And while the targeted arrests and detentions did not happen yesterday and today, there is a very high expectation that it will happen,” said Claudia Connor, president and CEO of the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants.

A Connecticut law puts limits on how much state and local police can work with federal immigration officials. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed a bill into law last week that adds even more restrictions to when police can detain people sought by immigration officials.

Connor says it’s important that immigrants living in Connecticut aren’t afraid of local police.